Fuel help & advice

You might be able to get help if you’re struggling to afford your energy bills or top up your prepayment meter. The help you get depends on how you pay for your energy, the type of energy you use and/or if you claim benefits
  • CPAG’s Fuel Rights Handbook is now free to access online, thanks to a partnership with The Indigo Trust and The Clothworkers Foundation –  askcpag.org.uk/publications/-242440/fuel-rights-handbook-20th-ed
  • The handbook covers all aspects of the rights of gas and electricity consumers in England, Wales and Scotland, including liability, dealing with arrears and preventing disconnection, complaints, and the latest energy efficient schemes.
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Useful information and tools

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Energy Crisis latest 

  1. Contact your supplier
    Talk to your energy supplier as soon as possible.
  2. They’ll work with you to agree a payment plan based on what you can afford. They can also give you advice on how to use less energy.
  3. They might also have funds or grants you can apply for.
  4. The following energy suppliers have grants available for their customers:

If your supplier is not listed you should contact them directly to check what support they can give you.

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VSA Fuel Fund

The cost-of-living crisis and the increased price of gas and electricity are causing a huge financial strain on people, and sadly some families are having to make decisions such as heating their homes or feeding their children. If you are struggling to pay your gas and electricity , our team is here to help you with our fuel fund to get through this winter.

Contact a member of our team today at fuel.fund@vsa.org.uk for more information.

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Let’s Talk Energy Fund

The Let’s Talk Energy fund offers assistance with household energy debt, white goods replacing, boiler repairs or assistance with funeral costs.

Find out more about the Lets Talk Energy Fund –charisgrants.com/partners/charis-lets-talk-energy-fund/

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Winter Heating Payment (Scotland)

  • Winter Heating Payment is to help people on low income benefits who might have extra heating needs. Social Security Scotland pays this to people living in Scotland.
  • It replaces the Cold Weather Payment from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and has the same eligibility requirements. 
  • Unlike the Cold Weather Payment, Winter Heating Payment does not depend on how cold the temperature gets. 
  • Visit: www.mygov.scot/winter-heating-payment
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Energy grants

If you’re in debt to your energy supplier, you might be able to get a grant from a charitable trust to help pay it off.

The British Gas Energy Trust (britishgasenergytrust.org.uk) is open to anyone who are in arrears with their energy providers. There are also other suppliers who offer grants to their own customers and it would be worth speaking with your supplier to check. 

Before Applying 

Charitable trusts like the applicant to show that they have received debt advice before they apply. Debt advice can help people manage their debts and increase their chances of making a successful application.

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Ofgem – Help with high energy bills

If you are struggling to pay for energy or think you may get into difficulty, contact your supplier – www.ofgem.gov.uk/information-consumers/energy-advice-households/finding-your-energy-supplier-or-network-operator. Our rules mean suppliers must offer payment plans you can afford and you can ask for ‘emergency credit’ if you use a prepay meter and can’t top up.

More information from OFGEM here – www.ofgem.gov.uk/information-consumers/energy-advice-households/getting-help-if-you-cant-afford-your-energy-bills

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Warm Home Discount Scheme

  • If your electricity supplier belongs to this scheme and you’re getting the guarantee part of Pension Credit, you will automatically get an annual discount off your electricity bill.
  • You may also be eligible if you are on a low income and meet your energy supplier’s criteria for the scheme.
  • Find out more about the Warm Home Discount Scheme – www.gov.uk/the-warm-home-discount-scheme
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Child Winter Heating Assistance (Scotland)

  • Child Winter Heating Assistance is a new benefit from the Scottish Government.
  • It’s a payment of £200 for children and young people up to the age of 18. To get the payment they must meet two criteria on at least one day in the third full week of September (called the “qualifying week”). On that day they must:
      • get the highest rate care component of Disability Living Allowance/Child Disability Payment for children
      • be resident in Scotland
  • If a child or young person is eligible, you’ll be paid automatically into the same account that your Disability Living Allowance for children is paid into.
  • Find out more or apply for Child Winter Heating –www.mygov.scot/child-winter-heating-assistance Assistance
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Hillcrest Homes energy advice service

If you are a Hillcrest Homes tenant living in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire our tenancy sustainment service can help with income maximisation, benefit queries and access to funds /grants including various charities.

We also have an energy advice service HEAT who can help with any issues related to your gas or electricity accounts including reducing your bills, dealing with fuel debt, accessing financial support for your fuel bills.

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Over the phone, online or face-to-face we offer information about grants and funding, energy efficiency improvements for the home, fuel debt and billing, and much more.

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Home Energy Scotland

We help people in Scotland create warmer homes, reduce their energy bills, and lower their carbon footprint. We are funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Energy Saving Trust

Getting in touch about your own home? Why not complete our Home Energy Check to start your energy and money-saving journey and save time on your enquiry?

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Energy Saving Trust

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Priority Services Register

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Age Scotland

Fuel and food vouchers to help older people stay warm and well through winter.

A new emergency energy and food voucher initiative to support Scotland’s most vulnerable older people this winter has been launched by Age Scotland in partnership with SGN. This new initiative, supported by SGN through an ongoing partnership with the charity, will enable Age Scotland energy specialists to offer older people struggling a £30 credit towards their fuel costs, or food costs. They will also provide access to the charity’s support services, including energy advice and income maximisation to help older people use energy safely, affordably and efficiently.

The initiative is open to those aged 50 and over who are registered to a Scottish postal address and eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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