Briefing: Scottish Government Debate on Investing in Public Services

June 17, 2024

In our wealthy nation, it is unjust that so many people do not have adequate incomes for a dignified life, with 21% of people in Scotland live in poverty Poverty causes severe harm to people’s daily lives, damaging their health and employment prospects, risking financial and personal wellbeing, and infringing basic rights to things like food and housing.

We all rely on our public services, but they are a vital lifeline for people living on low-incomes. Good quality public services can reduce the cost of living, while also enabling people to participate in society and fulfil their potential. Investment in – and reform to – our public services is therefore imperative to our ambitions to end the injustice of poverty in Scotland.

In this briefing for MSPs we outline why they should invest in strengthening our services, so that they are a foundation for freedom and security for all of us. You can read it in the window below, or clicķ here to download it.

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