Changes to SI ADP/CDP

*APPLICATION FORM Part 2 (ADP & CDP) – Key changes coming in for end of MAY ’23

  • The order of the questions has changed.
    • The form now asks you (the client) about what supporting information you can provide before asking about contacts who can confirm your condition or disability, and tell us about the impact it has on your daily life. Previously the question about contacts came first.
  • The question about professional contacts has changed.
    • Previously you were asked for details of your GP, and any other contacts, both professional and from your wider support network.
    • Now you’ll be asked for details of any registered professional (including therapists, social workers and educational staff) who can confirm your condition or disability.
    • You will then be asked about any contacts from your wider support network, people who know you well and can tell us about the impact your condition or disability has on your daily life.
  • In addition, there’s more information about:
    • why it’s a good idea to submit supporting information if you (the client) can.
    • what kind of supporting information you (the client) can submit.
    • who can provide supporting information how we can help gather supporting information if you are having problems finding it yourself.
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