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Claim Your Energy Credit: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re claiming back your credit via a phone call, the energy companies will try to dissuade you or not give you back the full amount. Remember to request all of the credit you’re entitled to and insist that it should be refunded directly to your bank account.

It’s important to maintain your direct debit until you have got your credit back. Then we encourage you to cancel your direct debit and pay as/when you prefer. This is because some companies will refuse to refund credit if there is no DD authority on the account.

Reclaim your credit from various energy suppliers by following these simple steps:

Bulb (now owned by Octopus Energy)

  1. Check eligibility by ensuring:
    • Your account has a recent meter reading.
    • There’s more than one month’s worth of credit in your account.
    • You’ve made a regular payment in the month prior to requesting a refund.
  1. Email your request to both hello@octopus.energy and hello@bulb.co.uk.
  2. Specify the amount of credit you’d like refunded (keeping in mind they’ll retain one month’s worth of credit).
  3. Be patient and respond to their emails as needed.

Octopus Energy

  1. Ensure you have a real meter reading within the last 30 days.
  2. Request a refund through your online account or call 0808 164 1088 for assistance.
  3. If you can’t see a refund option, email hello@octopus.energy.


  1. Submit a recent meter reading within the past 30 days using your online account.
  2. Call E-ON at 0808 501 5200 with your account number to request a refund.

British Gas

  1. Check your account’s credit status by logging in online.
  2. Update your meter reads (smart meters automatically update; conventional meters require manual input).
  3. Request a refund through the online account under “View payment plan.”
  4. They will keep £75 of credit and refund what is above it.


  1. Check if your balance exceeds your Direct Debit by at least £25.
  2. Submit an accurate meter reading in your online account before your next statement is due.
  3. Request a refund through your online account under the Payments page.


  1. Provide accurate meter readings using your online account.
  2. Call them on 0333 200 5100 and ask for a refund to your bank account.


  1. Ensure you have more than £5 in credit.
  2. Call them on 0345 070 7373
  3. Insist to get money refunded to your bank account.

Scottish Power

  1. Update your meter readings online or call 0800 027 8000.
  2. Request a refund through the online tool or by calling 0345 270 0700.
  3. Your refund will be processed via BACS payment within 10 working days of confirmation.

So Energy

  1. Ensure you have provided an up to date meter reading.
  2. For refunds of £500 and above:
    1. Smart meter with recent accurate statement: no need to send proof.
    2. Smart meter without recent accurate statement: photos of meter reading required.
    3. Non-smart meter: photos of meter reading required.
  3. You must retain a credit in your account equivalent to one month’s payment (seasonal adjusted direct debits) or one month in summer and two months in winter (equal direct debits).
  4. Note that they will not refund amounts below £30.
  5. Allow 14 days before cancelling your direct debit.
  6. To get your refund: Email help@so.energy or call 0330 111 5050.


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