CPAG – Universal Credit appeals where the claimant is destitute

Martin Williams at CPAG is wondering how advisers are getting on with attempting to get the First-tier Tribunal to expedite hearings in universal credit appeals where the claimant is destitute and the appeal could solve that.

He is particularly thinking obviously of cases where what is in issue is the application (or otherwise) of SSWP v AT (AIRE Centre and IMA Intervening) [2022] UKUT 330 (AAC); SSWP v AT [2023] EWCA Civ 1307 (this link opens the webpage about these cases where CPAG hosts the various templates) where people have used the resources CPAG provide.

It would be really useful to hear back from advisers on how this is going with details such as (a) date made appeal (b) date asked for expedition – and resources uses/evidence of destitution provided (c) dates and details of any attempts made at chasing that request (d) dates fixed for hearing etc.

CPAG can use any feedback to help improve the resources but is also interested in finding out whether HMCTS’ administrative practices for dealing with such requests are sufficient to enable them to give expedition that allows judgment within a reasonable time in these cases.

If you have any experiences to share, please post in the Rightsnet thread or email CPAG’s Early Warning System at

Thoughts are also welcome more generally on expedition and HMCTS. CPAG would like to find out people’s experiences and opinions on this.

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