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Families encouraged to access support to help with school costs

With children across Scotland now back at school, it isn’t too late for families to check whether they are eligible for financial support from Social Security Scotland.

Two of our five family payments are designed for families of school-age children.

Scottish Child Payment is £25 per child per week for eligible families from birth until a child turns 16. It was extended to include children aged from six until their 16th birthday last year – meaning there is support through primary school and for most of their secondary education.

If you get Universal Credit, tax credits or other qualifying benefits but don’t get Scottish Child Payment you should check whether you are eligible.

If you receive Scottish Child Payment you will automatically receive Best start Grant School Age Payment when your children are the right age, unless you opt out. School Age Payment is a one-off award of £294.70 to help with costs of starting school.

Some people are eligible for this benefit but not Scottish Child Payment – including those who receive Housing Benefit, parents and carers who are 18 and parents and carers who are aged 18 or 19 and dependent on someone else.

If you are not eligible for Scottish Child Payment and getting an automatic payment, you should make a separate application for School Age Payment.

There is a window for School Age Payment, which is open between 1 June 2023 and 29 Feb 2024, is for children born between 1 March 2018 and 28 Feb 2019.

Financial support for families and parents of school age children is also available from your local council. School Clothing Grant helps to pay for your child’s school clothing and shoes Check your council’s website to see when you apply for the grant. Most councils will accept applications from July until the end of March.

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