If your Universal Credit is reviewed

Your Universal Credit claim might be reviewed to make sure you’re getting the right payment and support.

If your claim is going to be reviewed, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will contact you and let you know through your online account.

You’ll need to send DWP some documents to confirm your details and have a phone interview.

What documents you’ll need to send

You’ll get a message in your online account asking to see your ID and bank statements.

You might also need to share documents about your circumstances and the amount of Universal Credit you’re getting. For example you might need to provide documents about your:

  • housing costs
  • earnings or other income
  • self-employment
  • savings
  • childcare costs
  • children
  • health condition
  • student finance
  • caring responsibilities

Your interview

You’ll be invited to a phone interview to discuss your claim. If you do not attend the interview, your payment could be stopped.

If you’re not getting the right amount of Universal Credit

The review might find that you’re getting too much or too little in your Universal Credit payment.

If your Universal Credit needs to change, you’ll get a message in your online account. Your future payments will be changed and you may get:

  • an extra payment to make up what you’ve missed out on
  • money taken off your payments

If you disagree with a decision made during your review you can challenge the decision.

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