Increase to the amount of the Transitional SDP Element from Feb 2024

UC Transitional SDP Element Additions

New Legislation, which comes into force on 14th February 2024, introduces an additional monthly amount for claimants entitled to the Transitional SDP Element (TSDPE) AND receiving a Disability Premium, Enhanced Disability Premium or Disabled Child Premium / Element in their legacy benefits in the month before their claim for Universal Credit (UC) who continued to satisfy the eligibility conditions up to and including the first day of their UC award.

The additional monthly amounts (see below) can be added to the standard £132.12, £313.79 or £445.91 TSDPE previously legislated for.

IMPORTANT: This additional payment is part of the TSDPE so can be ‘eroded’ or lost as normal. And erosion will happen almost straight away – due to the April uprating, LHA reset and rent increase time for many.

This measure is in response to a High Court decision made in January 2022 which found that the DWP were not adequately compensating claimants who moved onto UC following a change in circumstances or voluntarily, and had been receiving the Severe Disability Premium in the legacy benefits.

Curtesy of Housing Systems

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