Missing out 2024: £23 billion of support is unclaimed each year

New analysis April 2024

Policy in Practice estimates that the total amount of unclaimed income related benefits and social tariffs across Great Britain is now £22.7 billion a year. This represents a 21% increase on earlier estimates, driven by uprating, the rollout of Universal Credit, and improved estimates which typically show take up is lower than previously assumed.

As more than 400,000 working age households migrate to Universal Credit in 2024, and as we approach a general election where an incoming government will face limited budgets and rising demand for public services, this report examines what we know about unclaimed benefits, and how we can maximise income locally, regionally, and nationally.

To estimate the levels of unclaimed support, we have used official figures provided by the government where available. Where data is not available we have adopted a range of methodologies and used latest available information to provide a robust estimate of unclaimed benefits. The overall figure of unclaimed support excludes disability benefits and discretionary support, both of which require a further assessment. Including these elements push the true level of unclaimed support to over £30 billion.

Report: Missing out 2024
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