Money Guiders Scotland Network

The Improvement Service have hosted and facilitated the money guidance community in Scotland since Spring 2021 but we are now delighted to announce that Money Advice Scotland will be taking over the hosting of the Money Guiders Scotland Network with immediate effect.

We’re really looking forward to working with MAS and building our money guidance community further. If you’d like to meet the new team, we’re co-hosting an introduction session on 30th April at 11am – as ever it’s free and you can sign up here:  

In future, Heather O’Rourke and MAS colleagues will be facilitating the network and coming up with event content and specialist speakers, as well as running the Scotland Group in the Community Hub. Many of you will know Heather from the fantastic adviser wellbeing sessions that the Scotland Network has hosted over the last year.

There’s a new email address you can contact (Heather is behind it) which is:   

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