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More parents to benefit from extra work coach support 

Parents of children aged one and two on Universal Credit will start to benefit from meeting more frequently with work coaches to help them prepare for work.

The appointments include exploring steps to improve their skills, identifying support needs, learning about childcare provision, and boosting their confidence.

The meetings increase the opportunity to engage and encourage claimants to think about a job in the future, consider the steps they can take to improve their prospects and secure jobs when their child is older.

This change impacts parents who are lead carers, and other lead carers such as grandparents, kinship carers, adoptive parents or guardians. Those with a one-year-old will start to have a work-focused meeting with their work coach every three months instead of every six months, as is currently the case. Parents with a two-year-old meanwhile will start meeting their work coach every month instead of every three months.

Claimants will be told of the change at their next scheduled appointment with their work coach.

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