New research highlights child poverty as critical election issue

  • Two thirds of new constituencies have at least a quarter of children living in poverty
  • Data shows strong correlation between constituencies with high rates of child poverty and the two-child limit
  • Coalition of over 120 organisations calls on all political parties to set out their plans on child poverty and to scrap the two-child limit

A staggering two-thirds (66%) of new constituencies for the General Election have at least a quarter of children living in poverty, reveals a new study by Loughborough University for the End Child Poverty Coalition.

Across the UK over 30% of children are in poverty – this equates to nine children in every classroom, highlighting a severe, widespread issue.

The data also shows a strong correlation between constituencies with a high child poverty rate and the prevalence of the two-child limit.

The End Child Poverty Coalition also highlights that child poverty imposes a shocking annual cost of over £39 billion to the UK.1 This includes increased public service expenditures and lost economic output due to lower earnings potential among adults who grew up in impoverished conditions.

In a major intervention, the Coalition of over 120 organisations which includes the Child Poverty Action Group and Save the Children UK, warns all political parties that time is running out and they must prioritise child poverty in their campaigns with bold and decisive action. The Coalition wants to see all political parties commit to the removal of the two-child limit to benefit payments and the benefit cap.

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