No Recourse NE full Partnership meeting

As mentioned in the minutes sent last week, our next Teams meeting will be on Tuesday the 27th February at 2pm – the link is below. 

FYI: A news post added today to our website concerns the recently published COSLA Elected member briefing note:  Ending Destitution for People with No Recourse to Public Funds 

COSLA has developed this in partnership with the Improvement Service and Scottish Government, which briefs elected members on how No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) conditions are applied and the increased risks of destitution facing people with NRPF.

The Scottish Government and COSLA share a joint commitment to mitigate the impact of NRPF conditions, including the increased risk of destitution, via the joint Ending Destitution Together (EDT) Strategy. The strategy (2021-24) sets out a cross-sector approach to enhancing supports which mitigate destitution and associated harms.

This new Elected Members briefing provides members with information on the impact of NRPF conditions upon people and communities and highlights the critical role members can play in raising awareness and supporting people at risk of destitution. It is also intended as a legacy resource for councils including local authority frontline teams supporting people with NRPF.

It can be downloaded from:

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