Pension Age Winter Heating Payment

Opened 23 Oct 2023

Closes 15 Jan 2024


The Scottish Government has committed to replacing Winter Fuel Payment (WFP) with Pension Age Winter Heating Payment (PAWHP) on a like-for-like basis. Given the significant number of clients who will be transferred to Social Security Scotland with this benefit and the need to ensure a safe and secure transition, the focus of this consultation is around gathering evidence on people’s views of the current benefit and considering how we could improve the system already in place.

We are therefore consulting on the policy intention behind the delivery of PAWHP, building on the broader consultation on the Social Security Bill in 2016 which asked respondents for their views on WFP and Cold Weather Payment. This consultation aims to provide an overview of the payments aim, its key eligibility criteria and format. It will lay out how we intend to deliver this new benefit through Social Security Scotland to provide assistance to individuals to help towards meeting heating costs in winter. We also want to identify any unintended consequences of our proposals.

This consultation asks questions on whether the policy intent set out in the Scottish approach to replacing WFP will best meet the needs of those it is intended to help.

We would like to gather views to ensure we have identified the impacts this policy will have, and provide the opportunity to make improvements to the benefit going forward.

Read the consultation paper 

Pension Age Winter Heating Payment – Scottish Government consultations – Citizen Space

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