Poor data-sharing at DWP short-changing universal credit claimants

Universal credit (UC) claimants are not always getting extra amounts of UC they’re entitled to when they become eligible for some other benefits because of poor data-sharing within the DWP, Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) warns.    

When people on UC become entitled to Child Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Carer’s Allowance this usually means they can have a disabled child element or a carer’s element added to their UC.     

The disabled child element of UC is worth £456.89 per month (higher rate) or £146.31 (lower rate), the carer’s element £185.86. 

But claimants don’t necessarily know they’re entitled to the extra UC, and yet the DWP relies on them to notify it of their new entitlement.  As a result, parents of disabled children and carers are too often underpaid benefits.  

Read the full article on CPAG’s site – cpag.org.uk/news/poor-data-sharing-dwp-short-changing-universal-credit-claimants

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