Review of Council Tax single person discount entitlements in Aberdeenshire to begin

06 October 2023

Aberdeenshire Council is to undertake a review of households that currently receive a single person Council Tax discount.

More than 39,000 households will be included in the review to ensure only those entitled to a discount receive it.

The council is using its software supplier, NEC Software Solutions, to carry out this review on its behalf. NEC will be working closely with Experian to check if there appears to be more than one person living at any address.

Where information shows there may be more than one person living at an address, a Council Tax review form will be issued to the customer to allow them to provide details of all residents in their household.

If the details returned confirms a person is no longer living alone, the discount will be stopped and a new Council Tax bill will be issued. Customers will also have to pay back any money that was due for the period they were no longer entitled to the discount. Any disputes will be investigated.

Customers in receipt of a reduction in Council Tax whose circumstances have changed but who have not yet informed the council can do so by calling the Council Tax team on 08456 081201, by email at, or online at

Those who suspect someone is committing a fraud by claiming a Council Tax reduction to which they are not entitled can report it anonymously by calling the Council Tax team on 08456 081201 or by email at

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