Security not Sanctions: Making Universal Credit work for seriously ill and disabled people

A co-produced proposal for a new government

Z2K’s new co-produced report offers a new proposal for making Universal Credit work better for seriously ill and disabled people.

Economic inactivity and disability benefits are high on the political agenda. The Government has made several proposals to reform the disability benefits system and increase economic activity in recent months, including proposals to tighten the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) and later abolish it. 

But these proposals miss the point. They don’t address the key drivers of economic inactivity within the benefit system itself – inadequacy and risk – and, in some ways, exacerbate them. Instead, we need a solution that would truly tackle economic inactivity, and would also work for disabled people and people with long-term conditions that prevent them from working. 

Security not sanctions: Making Universal Credit work for seriously ill and disabled people  
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