Social Security Scotland – New text and email updates for applicants

We are introducing new text and email updates to let people know how their applications for Adult Disability Payment and Child Disability Payment are progressing.

The new updates are being introduced as part of our commitment to improve the experience for people applying for and receiving our benefits.

People get to choose if they want to receive texts, emails or both about how their application is advancing through the system.

We have already started sending text messages and emails to applicants to let them know that we have received their application.

In early March we will expand the system so that applicants will be sent further updates at two separate stages in the process:

  • When we have confirmed the applicant’s personal details (like their name, address and eligibility for benefits)
  • When the appropriate team starts reviewing their application

Once the application has been reviewed, the applicant will be sent a letter confirming if they are entitled to benefits and how much they are due.

These changes have been introduced after listening to our clients.

Everyone who received a decision letter about an application or a benefit payment, between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023, was invited to take part in a survey. Over 34,000 people responded.

We asked them to suggest how we could improve our service. Many commented that better and more frequent communication would be helpful. Around 1 in 5 wanted more updates on how their application was progressing.

One piece of feedback was: “Maybe a text update, mid-way through waiting for a decision letter, to let you know how it’s progressing. It might save a bit of worry for some and put their mind at rest.”

Most of the people who replied to the Client Survey were positive about their interaction with our staff:

  • 93% agreed or strongly agreed that they were treated with kindness and 90% agreed or strongly agreed that staff listened to them
  • 89% agreed or strongly agreed that staff made them feel comfortable and 86% said they felt trusted by staff

We appreciate that people find it helpful to know that we have received their application and that it is being processed. We are confident that these improvements will provide the reassurance they want.

Your security

We will never contact you ‘out of the blue.’ Any messages from us will always be linked to a recent benefit application or payment. If we contact you by text message or email it will only be to let you know:

  • when we’ve got your application form
  • to update you about the progress of your application
  • if you’ve applied for a benefit or payment too early
  • if we need more information from you

We will never ask you to reply to a text or email message. Find out more about staying safe from scams.

Top tips to see if a message is real:

  • be suspicious of messages that try to get you to send money or share personal information such as passwords or bank details
  • scammers will try and panic you into acting by setting a time limit or saying something frightening. Take a moment to stop and think before giving out information
  • don’t follow links in suspicious emails or download files. Check phone numbers and email addresses on the official websites. Use ‘contact us’ sections to access information and services.

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