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Published 19 February 2024

Year-long financial support for undergraduates.

Higher education students can apply to spread their student financial support package over a 12-month period for the first time this coming academic year.

The year-long package of support will be available for eligible undergraduate students from August 2024. The change will ensure that payments of relevant student loans and bursaries can continue through the summer months. This follows a successful two-year programme, which saw care experienced students being given the option of 12-month support.

Care-Experienced students will continue to receive additional support for their living costs under the Summer Accommodation Grant from Summer 2024. Students eligible for the grant – which will replace the Care-Experienced Accommodation Grant – will be entitled to a payment of up to £1,330 to help ensure they do not fall into rent arrears over the summer.

These changes will coincide with the £2,400 increase to the annual support package, which sees the main undergraduate funding package rise up to £11,400.


Students can continue to apply for the nine-month support package when they apply through SAAS for the 2024-25 academic year.

The overall annual payment will not change for those on the nine-month or 12-month options. The only difference will be those who take payments over the full year will see lower monthly payments than those who remain on the standard nine-month plan.

Increasing financial support for Scottish students – (

The eligibility of the Summer Accommodation Grant will continue to be the same as the previous Care-Experienced Accommodation Grant. The amounts of grant that students can receive has changed, and from Summer 2024, eligible students in a tenancy agreement will be entitled to receive a grant of £1,330. Eligible students living with family members or friends will be entitled to a grant of £665.

Further information on eligibility for summer support can be found at

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