TV Licensing materials

Our new Cost of Living support page, where you will find everything you need about the discounted TV Licences available and who is eligible for a concession. There is also a handy video that explains the discounts, who can get one, and how to apply.

Cost of Living support page available here

A new landing page for advisors about the Simple Payment Plan, our most affordable and flexible payment plan, and how you can refer your clients.

Simple Payment Plan landing page for advisors available here

A video to introduce the Simple Payment Plan, our most affordable and flexible payment plan available for those struggling financially and in need of extra help and support. Any registered charity that provides debt counselling or other financial advice can refer a client to the plan.

·  Referral code needed to sign up to the Simple Payment Plan is DCHAR2 & can be done online here When starting application adviser/client will be asked which charity referred you, please select other.  If application is to be done by phone, the number is: 0300 555 0510 client/adviser should quote the referral code during the call.

Video: Introducing the Simple Payment Plan available here

And a video detailing the different payment options available through the Simple Payment Plan and how to sign up once you’ve been invited to join or referred by a debt charity.

Video: A different way to pay for your TV Licence available here

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