Updates to ADP and CDP application forms (part 2/combined)

We’ve updated the content of the application forms. The changes are:

Swapping the order of the questions about supporting information and contacts. Previously we asked for contact details for people who could provide supporting information on behalf of the client before asking for what supporting information would be sent along with the application. In the new version, we ask for supporting information before we ask for contacts. In user research we found that this reframed people’s understanding of the importance of supporting information and prioritised it over providing contacts.

· Changing the question asking for the client’s GP contact details. We now ask for any professional involved in the client’s care who can confirm their condition or disability and the impact it has on their daily life. Often the GP is not the best person to do this as they may not have much contact with the client. We found in user research that this change prompted participants to think of other professionals would could provide this information.

· Adding a question to ask for a contact from the client’s wider support network. This is someone who knows the client well enough to describe the impact of their condition or disability on their daily life. This could be someone like a friend, relative or unpaid carer. In user research we found that participants would provide a contact like this and would discuss it with that contact before adding their details to the form.

· Adding more examples of supporting information. To show the client they may already have these documents at home.

· Adding more examples of the types of professionals. To show the client that a professional other than a GP can provide supporting information .

In addition, we’ve added stronger messaging about encouraging people to send supporting information themselves, for example:

Get in touch if you’re not sure what you can use as supporting information. We can help you work out if you can use documents that you already have at home.

Contact us:

· call us free on 0800 182 2222

· see other ways to contact us, including web chat (opens in a new tab)

If you need to contact us from outside the UK please call +44 (0)138 2931 000. This call is not free but you can ask us to call you back. Check with your phone provider for details of charges.

If you want us to gather supporting information for you, we can get in touch with your contacts and ask them to send it to us. Tell us on the next page if you’d like us to do this.

It’s quicker if you can send us supporting information yourself.

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