50,000 benefit decisions overturned without any new evidence

New figures reveal that 50,000 disability benefit decisions have been overturned without requiring any new evidence.

Tribunals hearing Personal Independence Payment (PIP) appeals have overturned decisions in 50,000 cases without needing to see any evidence unavailable to the DWP.  A further 30,000 claimants won their appeal based on oral evidence that could have been obtained by the DWP. Less than 1,000 successful appeals were based on new written evidence given to the Government.

This is despite the fact that all tribunal appeals have already gone through a two-stage examination process. In total, approximately three-quarters of all PIP tribunal cases end in the claimant’s favour.

 The DWP is facing public backlash following the unveiling of the figures, for forcing disabled people into court to obtain the support that they should be receiving regardless.

50,000 benefit decisions overturned without any new evidence
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