Increased flexibility of alternative fuel payments

More households using heating oil, LPG, biomass and other alternative fuels will receive £200 in energy bills support, thanks to the government’s expansion of the scheme, announced today.

The UK government is continuing to get help to those households across the UK that need it most – which is why today, Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps has increased the period of time that applicants can evidence purchase of alternative fuels, by 3 months to June 2022, instead of September 2022. This ensures that households who purchased fuel in bulk ahead of the winter are able to receive the £200 energy bill support they are entitled to.

This means those eligible for £200 Alternative Fuel Payment can now apply using receipts from June 2022 – a 3-month extension – until May 2023. This is to recognise that many will have bought fuel ahead of winter price rises – and it is right that these households aren’t penalised.

Only a small number of households using alternative fuels as their main heating source need to apply to receive bills support. The vast majority of alternative fuel users will have already received payments automatically. Earlier this year Mr Shapps also increased the number of receipts that households can submit to claim the Alternative Fuel Payment from 2 to 10.

This is just one of a range of ongoing schemes supporting households and businesses with energy costs at this time – which the government is urging all eligible customers to apply for and take full advantage of:

  • the Non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment scheme is providing top-ups starting at £750 for organisations using large quantities of kerosene heating oil, such as such as farms, hotels, charities and public buildings like schools and hospitals. Organisations have until 28 April to apply for this support via GOV.UK. The scheme is also offering £150 payments to organisations using alternative fuels. A minority of those eligible will also need to apply for this extra support by 28 April if they haven’t received payments automatically through an electricity supplier
  • the Energy Bills Support Scheme has provided £400 payments to help households with winter energy bills. While most will have already received this automatically, those on traditional prepayment meters need to redeem support through vouchers from their electricity supplier at either a Post Office or PayPoint outlet, as listed on the voucher. Vouchers that have been lost, damaged or have expired can be replaced – customers should contact their supplier directly in these circumstances. All vouchers must be redeemed by 30 June 2023
  • the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding provides equivalent £400 payments to households who do not have a domestic electricity supply and were not eligible to receive the Energy Bills Support Scheme automatically. Eligible applicants include residents in partially or wholly self-funded care homes and residents of park homes. These households must apply either via GOV.UK or the contact centre helpline by 31 May 2023
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