Making it easier for parents and carers to prove they’re entitled to Child Benefit

HMRC has launched a new online service so it’s quicker for parents and carers to prove they claim Child Benefit.

They often need this proof for housing benefit, council tax and other services, and it’s previously involved calling or writing to HMRC. Now it can be done within minutes at a time convenient to them.

From 28 February 2023, customers will be able to prove they have a valid claim by going to the HMRC app or online. This is a new digital service – just one of our improvements providing quick and easy online access for customers.

Parents or carers can access it online, then print or save it as a document to use as proof of entitlement. They no longer need to call HMRC for this service.

An example of the online proof of entitlement is included below for information:

Action to take

If customers require a proof of entitlement, please direct the customer to access this through:

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