Rule changes for international students and dependents to reduce net migration

In a written statement to parliament today, Suella Braverman announced that the government intends to tighten the rules for international students in an attempt to bring down net migration figures, which are due to be published this Thursday, 25 May. The government have also published a news story to confirm the plans announced in the written statement.

The government plans include:

1. Removing the right for international students to bring dependants unless they are on postgraduate courses currently designated as research programmes.

2. Removing the ability for international students to switch out of the student route into work routes before their studies have been completed.

3. Reviewing the maintenance requirements for students and dependants.

4. Steps to clamp down on unscrupulous education agents who may be supporting inappropriate applications to sell immigration not education.

5. Better communicating immigration rules to the higher education sector and to international students.

6. Improved and more targeted enforcement activity.

The government intends to consult with the higher education sector and key stakeholders before introducing any changes, but equally hopes these plans can be implemented as soon as possible, estimating that changes will come into force in January 2024.

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