Warm Home Prescription Trial

Working in collaboration with Energy Systems Catapult, Scarf alongside NHS Grampian offered energy advice and financial support to individuals living with COPD in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. This ‘warm home prescription’ emphasised the promotion of warmth and comfort as a preventive measure, rather than the traditional method of providing assistance only when illness strikes.

The outcome of the trial was presented by Scarf at the Energy Action Scotland Conference. 486 households were engaged in the pilot program, in which their heating costs were covered throughout the winter season. £300,000 in financial support was disbursed to qualifying households within the NHS Grampian area.

The results were encouraging: 80 percent of participants reported an improvement in their physical health and 70 percent said it had a positive effect on their mental health

Warm Home Prescription recommended by 93% of health professionals (catapult.org.uk)

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